Shakespeare in the Pub: The Gin Dispensary


Menu update

All plates are designed to be shared

  • Loaded Hummus with Shirazi salad - vegan
  • Olives - vegan, gluten friendly 
  • Cheese Board - Meredith Goat cheese, Dutch cheese and local brie, served with grapes, house-pickled zucchini, chutney and assorted crackers
  • Southern Style Beans with Carrot Crisps - vegan, gluten friendly 
  • 10 hour slow cooked Pulled Pork and Southern Style Beans - dairy free
  • Beef Meatballs in spiced Port Phillip Distillery Vodka and Tomato sauce - gluten friendly
  • Poulet à la cocotte -  Chicken in a creamy white wine and mustard sauce - gluten friendly 

Our full cocktail, sprit and wine menu will also be available.

Shakespeare! The Bard! Poet eternal! Wordsmith of wordsmiths!

The greatest of the great! The be all and end all! The last great vestibule of the English language. A man who taught us to examine our souls, to look within ourselves and help us to distill the very essence of what it is to be human. Reserved for the elite, upper crust of society. For those whose brows sit higher than the peaks of the Swiss Alps. For those who put the toffee in apple. For those whose accents make King Phillip sound like a Tasmanian. Right? Wrong! Time to ditch the wigs and capes and join the righteous team of Shaketh’speare as they wind you through the many twists and turns of some of Shakespeare’s classic romps, hilarious comedies and terrifying tragedies. This is Shakespeare, but not as you know it.

Cost: $25 per person* show only, food and drink additional


Wednesday 10 May 2023

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM